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Paper Expressive Eau de Parfum Travel SprayPaper Expressive Eau de Parfum Travel Spray
Paper Expressive Eau de Parfum Travel Spray

Paper Expressive Eau de Parfum Travel Spray

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Size: 0.34 oz / 10 mL

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Fragrance Family: Earthy & Woody

Scent Type: Warm Woods

Key Notes: Iso E Super, Cedarwood, and Sandalwood

Fragrance Description: A cult-classic brought back from the Archives, Paper Expressive celebrates warm woods as a skin scent thanks to Iso E Super. The Iso E Super plays off the natural scent of one’s skin for a unique trail of soft sandalwood and crisp cedarwood.

About the Bottle: The Expressive Collection is an homage to Commodity’s classic black-and-white bottles. The similar look reflects that Commodity’s original formulations are now housed within the Expressive Scent Space, and that these middle-ground perfumes are the perfect balance of plus and minus.

About the Fragrance: "My inspiration comes from writing a letter to a loved one. Deep in thought, remembering the memories, the heartfelt scent of Paper Expressive was created by a combination of rich cedarwood, sandalwood, and Iso E Super, enhancing that warm and cozy feeling while writing." –Donna Ramanauskas, Maker