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CAPTURED: The HUNTED Series Book 2
CAPTURED: The HUNTED Series Book 2

CAPTURED: The HUNTED Series Book 2

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BOOK ONE: Lennox: 
We all make mistakes the only difference is that we often get to make up for those mistakes. The worst thing I ever did? Kiss my best friends boyfriend behind her back. I hated myself for it, still do.

My name is Lennox Rose and I witnessed my best friends rape and murder. Now a mad man is after me because I survived the unthinkable. Is there redemption for me?
My secrets are just that, mine. I have been hurt, lied too, and betrayed. I have no reason to trust someone, let alone fall in love. But then I see her, an angel on the brink of death. She changes me, heals my broken spirit. I am not supposed to touch her. She is the survivor in a murder I am solving and the perp is still out there, murdering those she loves most.

My name is Finn Holland and I will stop at nothing to save my angel.
Everyone sees me as the charmer, the manwhore, the popular kid with a future in law enforcement. After all it is the family legacy. I have two secrets. One, I have loved Lenny for years. Two, I killed a man.

My name is Cory Watson and all I ever wanted was to be seen and loved. ***Warning this story depicts sexual violence, rape, and murder. The content is for mature audiences only.*** BOOK TWO The much anticipated sequel to the novel Hunted is here. Lennox: Two of my best friends were murdered in front of me and my other best friend turned out to have a few secrets of his own. I walked through the darkness and somehow I made it to the other side. Or did I? Finn: I held her hand as she walked through hell, fell in love despite the cards stacked against us. The tables have turned, I am no longer the protector and it's my turn to survive the darkness. Will she be there waiting for me at the end of the tunnel, like I was for her? Jenny: I was the good girl until I wasn't. Until I fell in love with the darkness. Cory: They say I have two personalities but the world can't handle two of me. It's time I let my true colors show. I am The Darkness. The darkness within Cory has surfaced. Finn has been working a case in Portland, one of the biggest cases in the city's history. With the notorious Markos Costello behind bars, who is targeting him and why? Can Lennox survive another loss? Who is Jenny? Well, you are about to find out — in the new spellbinding page turner; CAPTURED.

*** TRIGGER WARNING*** These books are for mature audiences only. Sexual content, foul language, mentions of child abuse, rape, and extreme violence.
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